Friday, August 10, 2012


 Early at 4:30 AM, I got up as  informed by one of my friends to report Paro air port at 6 AM. My aunt Leymo, sister Yeshi Wangmo and Tshering Dema were at Paro to see me off.  At 8:00 AM, the Druk Air has taken off towards the Indra Gandhi International Air port, Delhi. For most of us, it was the first experience flying in an air bus. Our Bhutanese stewards and stewardesses were quite kind and generous .During the course of flying, cabin assistant explained different types of mountains that are popular in the world and we could glimpse peaks enveloped by permanent snow.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes journey, Druk Air landed in Delhi International Air Port. We all went inside the immigration office. There were Indian men in the counter where we have to produce pass port. They scolded us badly for not being in queue.  From immigration office, we went to bus stop to get slip in lieu of ticket to go to the Domestic Air Port, Delhi. When we reached inside the domestic air port immigration office, they asked us to show pass port but some of our friends didn't own it. They were sent to get sign from immigration officer. Then they checked our luggage thoroughly and spotted chili pickles and meat pickles in one of the ladies luggage. Immigration officials confiscated the items and asked to throw. Upon her repeated pleas they gave back her items. 

Our next flied to Amritsar was at 2:30 PM but we arrived at 9: 30 AM prior to the flied schedule. So we decided to have lunch. We ordered rice with plain vegetable curry that cost us RS.170/- double the cost of rice with chicken in Bhutan. Norbu, one of the friends drank just a cup of beer that cost him Rs.200/- It was amazing that Indian sell beer in packs like that of  hard drinks sold in Bhutan.

Exactly at 2: 00 PM Spice bus picked us up to the Spice Jet Port. The Spice Jet lifted into the air at 2:30 PM. It was approximately one hour and fifteen minutes journey from Delhi to Amritsar domestic air port.  From Amritsar we were picked up by the University Bus. It is two hours journey to reach in the university. We were directly directed to the Admission Block where international coordinator welcomed us and guided to the dormitory.  International coordinator said without admission being done we must eat food from the mess paying cash so we did in the evening but in the morning we all lied that we were fresh and yet to get our mess card. 

On 31st we had our admission; submission of original academic transcripts, migration certificate, hotel fee, tuition fee, laundry fee and admitting into UMS (i.e. university management system).  From 1st to 3rd August we were left free to roam around the campus and city nearby.  Freshmen induction course started from 4th to 6th August to get new students familiarize with the rules and regulation of the university. I, teacher in Bhutan became student in India commencing from 7th August, struggled to get into the classroom situation and had to fight tough to concentrate to lectures. I was dripped into thoughts of my past school life in 1990s sitting back on the chair and scribbling notes from the chalkboard. Never mind what sort of situation confessed, learning is life long process going to stop simultaneously with breathing.

1.      Kuzang, one friend hit his head to the glass door of Shopping Mall while going in.
2.    One of the Sherubtse Assistant Lecturer lost way in the university campus while returning home. 
3.  Many Bhutanese students were ragged by Mess Contractor for no mess card carried while attending meals.
4. Very first day of our class 11 Bhutanese students lost in the nine storied building to find Political class.
5.   Two Bhutanese Economic students nearly died inside the elevator when light went off.
6.    One history student lost way while returning to the dormitory after class.
7.  One friend; Tandin wangchuk fell down inside the Air bus toilet when there was turbulence.

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