Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Solitary life in 10 Storied Building

Listening music, watching movies, scribbling tales, reading books and surfing internet were only means of ruling the time.

Semester exam ended on 5th of December, 2012. Ah! 1st Semester came to an end; everyone was relieved and freed from mental stresses. All friends were busy going back home to Bhutan; very beautiful and peaceful country. Group of friends left the University very evening of the day and I was left alone.

Many friends said, "what would you do during the break" I just let their interrogations run out of my ears and was talking within own my mind, why these guys so bothered about me instead of bothering what they would do up. I take little interest bothering at others' business but many friends seriously did in my case. That merely evoked me to think, when they themselves don’t know what they would do and pretended, they are lovely parents to kids, lovely husband to wife, and caring son to their parents. Those are just fake spoken words to lure others and salvage their own image. The truth behind is so thin. 

Nothing can change my mind, unless mind itself does to. No one’s interest and ideology suits mine. It is my own invincible plan and decision, nothing can deter. Education is merely a plain knowledge without transforming into wisdom and analyze the totality. Many educated elites suffer from tunnel vision and fail to overview the lateral vision. If one cannot view who is who, uttering words may not serve the purpose for others. To make good advice for others, one should practice his own. Unless one personify total humanitarian, words are just faint and flair. 

Days in the room begun by laundering, chatting, writing and watching movies. When I keep myself engaged in those activities, I could hardly have time to feel lonely and bore. Many things lingered in mind and given me the platform to jot down thoughts and feelings. It was also great prospect to revisit the things learnt before and get clarified by surfing net, reading books and referring various sources. 

Date 12-12-2012, was wonderful day because it coincided with Haap and Parop Lomba festival. According to the reported news by Rinzin Wangchuk, KUENSEL, “tonight Haa valley will not sleep. It will be noisy as groups of boys wander around the village homes with a long stick and a basket hanging on one end. As they near a home they will hold the stick out shouting ‘lo ley lo ley’ until the owners come out and place a hoentoe in the basket for each and everyone in the group.
The people of Haa and Paro valleys celebrate lomba, their traditional new year, today coinciding with the 29th day of the 10th month of the Bhutanese calendar. For Haaps, the hoentoe, a popular buckwheat dumpling is an important part of the celebrations.
The steamed momo-like dumpling is a mixture of dried spinach, turnip, and chili prepared in fermented cheese and wrapped in dough made of buckwheat flour. Its preparation, characterized by a distinct aroma, begins the day before” 

CNN Headline News reads, “It’s a date that you can’t ignore. December 12, 2012 – or 12/12/12 – is the last triple-digit date of the century. Couples around the world will flock to tie the knot, while the hopeful will look for a magic moment on the special date.
We’re inviting you to celebrate 12/12/12 with us by taking a photo of a dozen items arranged neatly. It’s a little silly, yes, but it’s a fun and creative way to mark a date that might otherwise pass you by. Plus, we’ll showcase some of the best submissions from around the globe on CNN.
So take a moment to find 12 items to organize, grab your camera, and join the fun. Happy 12/12/12!”

Last year 11-11-2011 was the Birth anniversary of our beloved king, His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck. I have celebrated the day within the circle of my heart, how rejoicing and enthralling it was. Similar day would hardly repeat in this generation thus, have to imprint into the memorable diary of life. 

December 17th is the National Day in Bhutan. It is euphoric moment for all Bhutanese, despite places they stay at, whatever things they do, whatever circumstances and situations they are at, the day must be rejoiced at the fullest.  It is a day to show our kind gesture and tribute to the forefathers who have shed bloods and sweats to gain the sovereignty and safeguarded the nation for people of Bhutan. Perhaps, Bhutan is a miniature country in the heart of two larger countries, but immensely amused the world by its cultural diversities, unique customs, morality, values, beliefs and conventional mode of societal progress within shortest span of time. 

Bhutanese salute the hereditary kings for their unprecedented efforts and positive transformation; the HEAVEN on the Earth. 

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