Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Three months of stay with parents was really invigorating. Tormenting works in scorching sun and sopping rain did not drain out the charm of living together with parents. It was time of buzzing works in farms. Farmers busy working in their respective farm lands. My parents too owned few paddy fields. It was chance that I could help them at need time indeed.
Early at 4:00 AM, parents get up and prepare for the day. By six, I accompany father in the field. It is not easy as we think to work in the field. It needs lot of skills and techniques without which energy ooze out in vain.
Before my return, more than half of the farm works have been done. Suffice it to say, I am overwhelmed that semester break paid me best price.
As we did return reservation on 2nd August, 9:00 AM, 2013, I came to Thimphu one week before to withdraw stipend and tuition fee from the RCSC. I arrived at Phuntsholing on 1st August. Other friends they came two days ahead. On 2nd August, we hired Taxi from Phuntsholing to New Allipur Duar, West Bengal, India. It was distressing news; train would be delayed by twelve hours owing to Assam Strike. We waited for eleven hours and could board at 8:30 PM. On 3rd August, we arrived in New Delhi at 10:30 PM and journeyed by bus instantly at night. Time read 8:00 AM, 4th August when we arrived at Punjab.
The journey wasn’t good. One of friends, Durga lost wallet at Kashmiri bus station. Someone pick-pocketed from backside of his jean pant.  All important documents were inside it. “Any part of India is not safe. Be careful” I recalled the statement stated by Lobzang Dorji, Principal, during farewell gathering.
Bhutanese, hot chili lovers could not cope up with spicy Indian dish, thus decided to stay out. It was tensed moment for Rinzin and me, as we own no room to check in. Four madams have been so generous to host us meal and lodge for three nights. From 7th August, 2013, regular classes commenced. Third Semester; is going to be taxing, we presumed looking at the time table. Till then, we remained optimistic; nothing is impossible and easy at the same time.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Glimpse of relief and exhilaration grew in heart of students as second semester final 

examination came to an end. Bhutanese students extracting nectar of education in Lovely University did the reservation of train ticket prior to three months. The last paper for M.A Social Sciences and History students was on 15th May, 2013. Charm of going back to home land could not await and everyone started packing their own baggage and were preparing  to leave on 16th May at 9:00 AM as per the schedule of the train.
Early at 7:00 AM, a cohort of Bhutanese students hired an Auto to reach Phagwara Train Station, where the team would board from.  Exactly at stipulated time, the train arrived and announced that train would wait only for two minutes. Every one rushed to locate the compartment designated (Boogey).  There were many passengers embarking and disembarking which stranded people on queues. With their strength and stout, all friends could board while train was in slow motion. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. When I was about to get in, train was in full speed. I was dragging luggage and chasing train like a dog chasing deer. “Leave the luggage, we will take care!” Tandin exclaimed. I was left behind. Heart thudded heavily. Lots of thoughts and feelings messed up.
Almighty god let things happen for good reasons. Nothing to worry, another cohort of friends was there to board in later train. They comforted and energized me with lots of supporting words. At 9:30 AM second train arrived and boarded within two minutes of waiting time. They have booked Second Air Conditioner Class. “When conductor comes for checking ticket, one must hide in the toilet” cautioned Sonam Wangdi. As we settled, conductor came for checking. Tandin Wangchuk, pretended going for loo. Jigme revealed the ticket. I was saved, he could not spot me. “You are 99.9% saved now, you only have 0.1% probability to get caught”, Said Sonam Wandi. I was immensely relieved and glad that conductor could not trace me for illegal transition. Thank God and friends! I whispered.  You have been good, god sees the truth” Tandin Wangchuk exaggerated. Comfortably we arrived in New Delhi after six hour of journey from Phagwara, Punjab, India.
It was lucky that you missed train we were in. We were almost smashed” they told me the story. They have learnt the lesson that cheaper price compromises comfort. Sleeper class is cheap in rate but high in risk. That was the story of the train that I missed. All things happen for reasons and the reasons are for the best.
Friend in need friend indeed” Thank you friends! You taught me the real meaning of friend. I remain indebted.
From New Delhi Train Station we all boarded together at 12:00 Midnight and departed for different destinations from New Jaipaiguri. We exchanged good wishes and bid adieu.