Friday, August 4, 2017

Mysterious MA Social Science Friends!!!

Mr. Gopal, sincere and determined,
Walks like a ghost in humor,
Gives lecture to the co-mates,
Most influential and eloquent speaker.

Mrs. Amrita, very simple and quite,
Dose off as soon as lecture begins,
Chicken hearted and kind woman,
Never defy the task assigned.


Mr. Rinzin, most active and keen listener,
Puts lots of queries and doubts,
Race like Olympiad competitor,
Dignifies that of top politician.

Mrs. Pelden, sincere and work alcoholic,
Dictates everything in the class,
Leave not a single leave unturned,
Often blast her laugh at friends’ jokes.

Mr. Karma sits at the back row,
Restless person in the class,
Often yarn and snores like a pig,
But most witty and the weird.


Mr. Kuenzang, jolly and sweet singer,
Cracks jokes in the social circle,
Often frightens friends at night,
With roaring tiger snore.

Mr. Sonam Gyeltshen, big belly out,
Eloquent and fluent speaker,
Most critical and ICT enthusiast,
Loves writing and reading the most.


Ms. Nidup Dolkar, the silent killer,
Knocks out if any one mocks her,
Intelligent but complacent,
Loo fan and junk food lover.

Mr. Sither Dorji, a bard sat in thought,
Calm at a moment and critical the next,
A wrong person to be messed with,
Never spare the lectures in the class.

Mr. Dorji Wangchuk, philosophical,
Womanizer and the woman teaser,
Talks with the strength of mighty and dignity,
Loves socializing and loitering. 

Mr. Dorji Drukpa, thought absorbent,
Man of a few words and maroon dweller,
Once journey is on, never looks back,
Works hard and leave anything unturned.

Those were friends in need, friends indeed for last two years in Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India.

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