Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year Eve

Tibetans are fond of celebrating New Year like western do for Christmas, Easter, and thanksgiving and birth day celebration. New Year doesn’t merely mean new life. We are moving closer towards the death. There is a tale; once in Tibet people were celebrating New Year with lots of funs and joy, streets, houses were festooned with colorful balloons, hydraulic lights and decorations. But the spiritual Master Patrul Rinpoche was weeping at the corner of his room. People were astonished and pleaded Rinpoche what had happened. He said, “Another year is gone by, and so many people had come one year closer to death, still unprepared.” 

Death is uncertain; we cannot predict exact time and place, still we are unprepared and ultimately have to face unprepared death one day or other. There are several warnings and miss calls of death but we still surpasses with worldly desires and materialistic pleasures. The 2013 New Year Eve was celebrated at Chautra, Maldi, Himachal Pradesh, India in one of the Tibetan inn. Friend Nidup Dolker drank wine and snoozed before midnight, and other friend Poy slumped as well, thus could not wait for New Year.  Anyways, Poy resolved to become vegetarian. That was awesome resolution of her for New Year 2013. 

I oath to chant mantra at least once in a day to harbour bumper merits for all sentient beings….. our resolutions were centric to religion because it was time when Dzongsar  Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche presided over eight Buddhist religions teaching at his own Sakya Institute at Chautra, Himachal Pradesh. Thousands of devotees thronged to receive empowerment and transmission for two months.