Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hysterical Life

Standing still and staring
Over the lonely sky up
With great hope
To return him soon.  

Cruel pain in my heart
Keep hiding in daylight and                                                                   
Burying in moonlight 
But god  knows the truth.
From the tender age
I was inflicted with disease
A aching tonsillitis and
Chronic heart ailment.

Operation! Physician adviced me
Coz of death fear I denied
Oral medicines 
No relief yet found.

Fad up with own life
Long no more to stay
Take off life, God! Prays
At calm heavenly abode.

Back at mewling child
Tender touch of families
Feels warm in heart
Happiest moment forever.

Schooling friends, teachers
Revealed their adoration for
Participation I made at
And my zest in studies.

Out of the blue someone
Entered, dragging all zest out
Indeed debarred next grade
Whole life turned down.

He who, the police now
Gave no damn any more
“Marry with someone” Exclaimed.
Cell phone digit changed.

Heartbroken into pieces
Hopes tattered in air
Promised words eaten up
Dumb! Only tears brimmed.

“One goes, thousand comes”
 Established mind sturdy, but
 Flicking reminiscences often
Immerse with whirling tears..

Toiled in the scorching sun
Drenched in the pelting rain
Grasping tools; sickle & spade
Labored daily in the fields.

Kind and dearly father
Opened a grocery shop
Upon repeated pleas, that
Salvaged drudgery field works.

Learning, the continual program
Neither has age bar nor time bound
Anticipating studying year next
Have me gorgeous life ahead, God!

Courtesy: Karma Lhazin

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  1. Life is not a bed of roses. Many things would happen and it happens for the best.